Welcome To

Todt Hill

A private, luxurious neighborhood tucked into the city.

​​​​​​​Welcome to Todt Hill

A private, luxurious neighborhood tucked into the city

Situated at the highest elevation in the region, Todt Hill is one of Staten Island’s most exclusive and highly sought-after neighborhoods thanks to a few unique features that set it apart from its surrounding neighborhoods and most of New York City as well. Perhaps the most notable of these features is that Todt Hill is surrounded by a significant amount of protected parks and woodland, giving it a more isolated, private feel than many of the region’s more dense and urban neighborhoods. Homes here tend to be spacious and set on larger-than-average plots of land a rarity that comes with a correspondingly expensive price tag. Todt Hill residents don’t mind much, though, considering how unique the peaceful, natural, and luxurious feel of the neighborhood truly is. The architecture of the homes here ranges from classic Tudor and Colonial styles that the region is famous for, as well as more modern homes that speak to a refined and contemporary sensibility. Whatever your style or needs, here’s a perfect home in Todt Hill for you.

What to Love

  • Incredibly private neighborhood with little outside traffic
  • Plenty of parks and open space to enjoy
  • Convenient shopping and dining nearby
  • Only about 20 miles from Manhattan
  • Spacious homes with luxury features
  • Suburban feel with urban amenities
  • Excellent schools nearby

People & Lifestyle

Todt Hill is beloved for the quiet and private lifestyle it offers which is often hard to find in New York City’s various boroughs. The neighborhood is home to many families and long-time residents of Staten Island, especially local business owners and professionals, along with residents who regularly make the relatively easy commute into the city for work. Todt Hill residents enjoy the space and freedom that the neighborhood provides, tucked away from the rush of the city so that they can spend time with their families taking walks through beautiful local parks and enjoying the natural woodland views surrounding their homes.

Dining, Entertainment & Shopping

Though the neighborhood itself is almost exclusively residential, which helps protect its serene atmosphere, you don’t have to travel far to find all of the shopping and dining options you need. Some of the excellent restaurants located near Todt Hill include The KOVA, a local favorite for classic and refined brunch options in a modern atmosphere; Max’s Es-Ca, known for their delicious Italian dishes, wine, comfortable ambiance, and incredible live music; and Baci Ristorante, renowned for their modern takes on Italian classics, elegant bar, and New York City atmosphere.

Things to Do

Todt Hill offers residents plenty of ways to stay occupied. Golf lovers will enjoy the area’s golfing destination: there is the Richmond County Country Club and Golf Course, a luxurious destination that also offers a high-end restaurant, tennis courts, a pool, and LaTourette Park and Golf Course, where the course is set on the property of one of the region’s historic homes, which now serves as a clubhouse.

Nearby, there are many notable parks and green spaces to explore. One of the region’s most famed cemeteries, the Moravian Cemetery, is located nearby—it has been a resting place for many famous and powerful Staten Island residents and is home to well-known landmarks like the Vanderbilt Tomb. Residents and visitors also frequent The Greenbelt, an expansive park that comprises forests, wetlands, and meadows as well as 35 miles of hiking trails. Reed's Basket Willow Swamp, another popular hiking destination, is also nearby.


Todt Hill is located near a variety of excellent private and public schooling options and is served by the New York City Department of Education. 

  • Staten Island Academy
  • Michael J. Petrides School


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